15 Future Electric SUVs Worth Waiting for in 2021

The trends are changing fast in the automobile industry and SUVs have become the global hit in the last decade. The high-riding models pretend to stay at the top of the sales charts in the new decade. But the new trend in the industry is also gaining momentum and we are speaking about electrification. Almost every major brand has electrification in mind and the number of electrified models is increasing rapidly.

Many brands revealed already their electrification plans and a large number of all-new models should appear by 2025. The brands are introducing more hybrid and PHEV versions and Volvo is the first in the industry to offer every model with some form of electrification. However, alongside the hybrid and PHEV models, the brands will also roll out a large number of all-electric, battery-powered vehicles in the coming model years.

The next 2021 model year will bring many new names and upgraded EVs and we cover 15 Future Electric SUVs Worth Waiting for in 2021 in the next section.

2021 Tesla Model Y

1. 2021 Tesla Model Y

Tesla initialized the pure-electric SUV segment with the introduction of the Model X in 2016 and it deserves to be the first on our list of 15 Future Electric SUVs Worth Waiting for in 2021. However, the new 2021 Tesla Model Y is the new subject and it will be available in three trims.

The Model Y is based on the Model 3 sedan and two vehicles share almost 70% od components. The compact-sized Tesla SUV comes with seating for 5 and 7. The model will be equipped with a 15-inch center display, 12-way power seats, panoramic sunroof, self-driving technology and more.

At the performance level, the model comes with the rear-wheel-drive Long Range model expected to reach 300 miles per charge. The Performance version with the dual-motor pack promise up to 280 per charge and 60 mph reachable in just 3.5 seconds. The base version can travel 230 miles per charge.


The newest Tesla SUV in the lineup starts from $48, 000 and goes up to $61,000.


Tesla announced the arrival of the models this fall while the base version should hit the market in spring 2021.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

2. 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford is also electrifying its entire vehicle range including trucks and SUVs. The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is the brand’s new pure-electric model with a striking appearance and range up to 300 miles.

The new Ford’s SUV features familiar Mustang-branded styling cues while comes with modern cabin with seating for five and cutting-edge infotainment system.

The pure-electric Mustang SUV will be equipped with either 75.5 kWh buttery or extended-range 98.8 kWh unit. The model comes with the rear or both axles mounted electric motors with the power delivery up to 459 hp and torque of 612 lb-ft. Depending on the configuration the mileage will vary between 210 and 300 miles as Ford claims.


The new all-electric Ford SUV will cost from $44,955. The range-topping versions will demand $61,000.  


The new electrified Ford Mustang SUV should be available this fall.

2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge

3. 2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge

Volvo offers already all of its models with some kind of electrified powertrains but the new 2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge is the pure-electric vehicle.

As the name suggests the XC40 recharge is visually nearly identical to the regular XC40 but the all-electric model has a panel-like grille version. The model comes with a high-quality cabin and an Android-based infotainment system.

The Volvo XC40 Recharge will use a 78-kWh battery to power electric motors for the total output of 408 hp and torque of 486 lb-ft. The range should be between 220 and 240 miles. Volvo claims that DC fast-charging stations can recharge up to 80% of battery capacity in about 40 minutes.


The new all-electric XC40 should cost from about $48,000.


The model should reach dealer lots in late 2020.

2021 Mazda MX-30

4. 2021 Mazda MX-30

The list of 15 Future Electric SUVs Worth Waiting for in 2021 includes also the upcoming 2021 Mazda MX-30, the brand’s first pure-electric crossover.

The brand’s new, sharp styled model has a subcompact footprint, rear-hinged back doors, and a coupe-like roofline. The MX-30 will also have a well-equipped cabin and the newest tech and safety systems.

At the performance level, the first all-electric Mazda should use a small 35.5-kWh battery to power front-mounted electric motor. This small battery won’t provide much driving range but sources indicate that Mazda might use a small rotary engine as the range amplifier.


The Mazda MX-30 should arrive with the base price around $35, 000.


The introduction of the model is expected in late 2020 or early 2021.

2021 VW ID Crozz

5. 2021 VW ID Crozz

VW is also working on the pure-electric crossover since the presentation of the ID Crozz Concept. The 2021 VW ID Crozz SUV was spotted testing but not much is known for certain about this model year. VW said that the new EV SUV will be built in Chattanooga Tennessee.

The model will be based on the VW’s modular EV architecture known as MEB and it should appear with the conventional and trendy coupe-style roofline.

VW’s EV SUV should provide sufficient comfort inside the cabin and come with the newest tech and driver-assist systems.

The power will provide two electric motors mounted on each axle. The rear-mounted motor should provide 201 hp while front delivering 101 for the net output of 302. The 83-kWh battery should ensure 300 miles per charge.


There are no official indications about the model’s price but we expect to start somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000.


In the best-case scenario, the model could reach the market as the 2021 version in late 2020 or wait for the 2022 model year launch.

2021 Merceds EQC

6. 2021 Mercedes EQC

Mercedes has also a model for the list of 15 Future Electric SUVs Worth Waiting for in 2021. The 2021 Mercedes EQC is the brand’s all-new, battery-powered, a compact-sized model with seas for 5.

The model comes in the US after some delays and it will provide a competitive range of 279 miles. The EQC relies on the pair of electric motors powering each axle fed by the 80-kWh battery pack. The system delivers 402 hp and torque of 561 lb-ft.

Every model will come with the brand’s new MBUX infotainment system made from two 10.5-inch displays used for the gauges and infotainment. The first, all-electric Mercedes SUV will also employ the latest safety systems.


The Mercedes EQC should be available from $68,895.


After a delay, the initial on-sale date in 2020 was pushed back a year for the US launch.

2021 Byton M-Byte

7. 2021 Byton M-Byte

Byton joins also the list of 15 Future Electric SUVs Worth Waiting for in 2021with its first vehicle in form of the four-seat SUV-size electric model.

The model has a shape of the beefed-up hatchback designed around the skateboard-like architecture. It has also specific front-end style and sculpted side panels. The rear has a horizontal orientation similar to Audi E-Tron.

The Byton M-Byte features also a unique cabin with a 45-inch infotainment display controlled via the steering -wheel-mounted touchpad or another 8-inch touchpad placed on the console.

The model comes with 71- and 95-kWh battery options and there will also be rear- and all-wheel-drive versions. The 2WD should have 270 hp at disposal with the range around 200 miles. The AWD M-Byte should travel 240 miles per charge with 402 hp available.


The Byton M-Byte should start around $45,000.


The arrival in the US is expected this year.

2021 Rivian R1S

8. 2021 Rivian R1S

Rivian is another electric-vehicle carmaker that brings the all-new SUV to the market for the 2021 model year. The 2021 Rivian R1S is the new seven-seat SUV with great towing capacity and solid off-road reediness.

The R1S SUV shares the skateboard chassis with a low center of gravity with the R1T pickup truck sibling. Two models apply also the same, sleek exterior design as well and suspension, battery pack, cooling system, and braking. Both models come with 14 inches of ground clearance.

The new electric SUV features also modern cabin equipped with fancy leather and wood and two large digital displays for the instrument panel and infotainment. The model relies also on Level 3 Autonomous driving tech.

The R1S SUV comes with an electric motor mounted at each wheel for superior off-road capability. The Rivian SUV will have three battery options at disposal including 105-, 135- and 180-kWh units. The mid-choice delivers 754 hp with the range of 310 miles. The maximum range should be above 410 miles.


The new Rivian-branded SUV will cost from $72,000.


It should reach dealers in early 2021.

2021 Mini Cooper SE

9. 2021 Mini Cooper SE

Mini has also a contender in the growing battery-powered SUV segment and the 2021 Mini Cooper SE is the brand’s first pure-electric model.

Visually the all-electric Mini has the brand’s familiar chunky form while it comes with closed-style grille, specific badging and without exhaust tips. The model will be available with 16- and 17-inch wheels.

The cabin uses familiar circular elements and comes with a 5.5-inch digital instrument panel while infotainment options include 6.5- and 8.8-inch units.

The Mini Cooper SE uses a single electric motor fed by a 32.6-kWh battery. The power and torque figures are 181 hp and 199 lb-ft respectively. The new all-electric Mini should travel up to 168 miles per charge.


The price of the first all-electric Mini starts from $29,900.


The model should be available in the coming months.

2021 Audi Q4 e-tron

10. 2021 Audi Q4 E-Tron

Audi has also the place on our list of 15 Future Electric SUVs Worth Waiting for in 2021with its new 2021 Audi Q4 e-Tron compact SUV.

The model is based on the brand’s MEB platform while features the brand’s familiar styling form. The cabin comes with the brand’s newest gadgets and premium materials. The dash will include a digitalized instrument panel and a large center display. The model will also be equipped with the brand’s newest generation of autonomous driving tech.

The new, all-electric, compact-sized Audi has an electric motor at each axle with a combined output of 300 horsepower. The power will come from an 82-kWh battery with a range of around 280 miles.


The new e-Tron-branded Audi SUV should be available from about $70,000.


The model should hit the market in early 2021.

2021 Audi E-Tron Sportback

11. 2021 Audi E-Tron Sportback

As part of Audi’s electrification onslaught, another model will join the E-Tron lineup for the 2021 model year and we are speaking about high-performance 2021 Audi E-Tron Sportback.

The model is about the same size as the regular E-Tron while gets a more attractive, coupe-like profile. For the style purpose, the model trades some of the rear headroom and cargo capacity reducing them for 0.8 inches and 6.8 cubic feet respectively compared to the non-Sportback version.

The model will share a 95-kWh battery pack with the more conservatively styled sibling with the range around 270 miles. The Sportback uses separate electric motors for each axle with the total output of 355 hp and 413 lb-ft of torque in normal mode. The Boosted model lifts the performance to 402 hp and 489 lb-ft of torque.


The sportier E-Tron version will cost from about $75,000.


The model is coming in mid-2020.

2021 Porsche Macan EV

12. 2021 Porsche Macan EV

Another high-performance German car manufacturer takes the position on the list of 15 Future Electric SUVs Worth Waiting for in 2021 with the all-electric Porsche Macan EV.

Porsche announced earlier that fast-selling, compact, luxury Macan will switch to the pure-electric propulsion in its second-generation version.

The new Macan EV will be based on the new Taycan’s platform and should feature much-improved aerodynamics than the current version. It will, of course, have a premium cabin loaded with the brand’s latest tech achievements.

The new-gen Macan EV will also share the 800-Volt tech with the next Taycan as well as battery pack and electric motors. The output should be around 700 hp.


The next-generation Macan EV should enter production in 2021 so it could be marketed as the 2022 version as well.

2021 Bollinger B1

13. 2021 Bollinger B1

Bollinger is yet another brand that brings the all-electric SUV to the market for the 2021 model year. The 2021 Bollinger B1 SUV comes alongside the pickup truck version.

The Bollinger B1 model has a utilitarian, slab-sided appearance and equally simple cabin with individual bucket seats for four. The model will have removable doors, side windows, and windshields.

The brand hasn’t confirmed would this model come with the infotainment system and modern safety equipment.

The Bollinger B1 will possess real off-road capabilities and sufficient power. The model will get a total of 614 hp form two electric motors placed on each axle. It will use a 120-kWh battery for the range of about 200 miles with a high towing limit at 7,500 pounds.


The Bollinger-branded SUV should cost from about $60,000.


The arrival of the model is expected in 2021.

2021 Mercedes G-Class Electric

14. 2021 Mercedes G-Class Electric

Mercedes hinted recently that hard-core G-Class could get the pure-electric version in 2021 or 2022 and it gets the place on the list of 15 Future Electric SUVs. Some sources suggest possible arrival of this model as soon as 2021 Mercedes G-Class Electric version. The model should be marketed under the EQG nomenclature.

What we should expect is a similarly shaped model with Mercedes’s newest tech and equipment.

As for the powertrain, the model needs massive kWh capability to provide close to the current version off-road reediness. Mercedes will surely launch the plug-in hybrid version before the battery-powered model 


Most reports indicate the arrival of this model around 2022 but some suggest its introduction in 2021.

2021 NIssan Ariya

15. 2021 Nissan Ariya

Nisan hinted also the possibility of expanding its electric vehicle portfolio with the new SUV version inspired by the Ariya Concept vehicle.

There are yet much unknown and unconfirmed about this possibility but sources indicate that the production version could hit the road as the 2021 Nissan Ariya.

If the model reaches the production lines it should use a dual-motor setup powering each axle with the range up to 300 miles.

At the tech level, the model would use the brand’s 2.0 ProPilot autonomous safety systems and new-generation infotainment platform.


The estimated price should have a starting point at about $40,000.


The possible launch of the model is in late 2020 or early 2021.


The electrification of the automobile industry is a fast-developing process and the number of new, all-electric models on the market will increase rapidly in the coming model years. We picked 15 Future Electric SUVs Worth Waiting for in 2021 but there will be more. The culmination is expected in the mid-2020 when the battery technology and infrastructure accessibility should reach a new level. In the meantime, the transition toward pure-electric propulsion will go over hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology while buyers will also continue to rely on efficient conventionally powered models. 

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