2020 Honda Element: Rumors, Redesign, Release

Any major brand has a wide range of crossover SUVs on the offer. Honda is no exception and its formidable crossover SUV lineup was joined recently with the all-new Honda Passport which takes position between the smaller CR-V and recently refreshed, mid-size Pilot. Honda updated also the subcompact HR-V model. It is also known that Honda intends to electrify its entire light-truck range including the mid-size Ridgeline pickup truck. However, based on the rumors in the industry Honda might have yet another model in mind for its crossover SUV range. The rumors suggest the new generation 2020 Honda Element.

The Honda Element was discontinued after the 2011 model year due to low demand and the same fate hit other similar design models like the Scion xB and Nissan Cube while the Kia Soul is one of the rare survivors. The Element has, however, been reported to return on the roads since its discontinuation and the same continues for the 2020 model year. Honda hasn’t, however, hinted at the arrival of the new Element and we would surely recognize the boxy-shaped prototype version of this model.

Is it really coming?

Without any solid evidence and the prototype version spotted on the roads, the reports about Element’s return are likely another round of rumors. The launch for the 2020 Honda Element also seems, to early as we would already have some leaked details if it was coming. On the other hand, the sales of the new version would likely interfere with the sales of the subcompact HR-V or the new Element should be totally new design compared to the previous version. The sportier, coupe-like style Honda crossover SUV would likely be a better solution considering the current market trends than the boxy-shaped model. But who knows?

2020 Honda Element

2020 Honda Element: Design

As for the rumors, they suggest the new 2020 Honda Element designed around the HR-V’s platform and with the design elements similar to the current models in the crossover SUV range.

The reports don’t indicate the possible dimension changes of the model but suggest again the boxy-shaped silhouette. The model should, however, look much more modern thanks to the new grille and lighting units and more pronounced body lines.

Interior, equipment:

The versatile interior should again be the strong side of the new 2020 Element as the reports claim and should again provide several cleaver solutions as it was with the previous version.

The model would again provide plenty of the headroom thanks to the tall roofline combined with removable rear seats, easy cargo loading and dog-friendly compartment.

The refinement of the model’s interior should also be lifted to the new level and the model would employ the brand’s newest entertainment and safety technologies including active crash avoidance systems. The reports again claim a limited range of trim options for the new Element.

2020 Honda Element

2020 Honda Element: Powertrains

The 2020 Honda Element if it returns in a similar shape and for similar purpose seems like the perfect candidate for the electrified powertrain or the all-electric version. Honda said it will use an Accord-based two-motor hybrid setup for the electrification of its range. The system comprises Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine combined with the electric motor powering the front wheels and continuously variable transmission. The battery pack under the rear seats is also part of the package. The Element would likely use a smaller 1.5-liter four-cylinder unit like the Insight model while the Accord sedan employs a 2.0-liter engine.

The new 2020 Honda Element might also get a 1.5-liter turbo-4 engine combined with CVT. The previous version was powered by the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine paired with the five-speed automatic transmission. The system produced 166 horsepower and torque of 161 pound-feet. Honda offered both front-wheel drives while the all-wheel-drive was also available on all versions.

2020 Honda Element: Release, Price

With the lack of any evidence, the return of the Honda Element is questionable at any time soon. The rumors claim, however, the arrival of the Honda Element sometime in 2020. The price of the model should reportedly be from around $20, 000.

Based on its size, design, and purpose, if it returns, the new Honda Element would be an alternative to the Kia Soul which is available in the all-electric variant.    

2 thoughts on “2020 Honda Element: Rumors, Redesign, Release”

  1. I hope Honda is planning for an option with leather, heated seats. Prefer a cream or light grey color for the interior.
    I own the first Honda Element model from 2003. I love it and haven’t been able to buy a new car for years because none of the new cars makes me happy like my Honda Element 2003.
    I’m so glad Honda is bringing back the Element. I’m 18 yrs older than I was when I bought it. At this point in my life I want a little luxury. The heated, nice leather seats would do it. FYI…

    1. I agree. I loved my brand new black 2003 Element when I bought it. (Hard decision between black and orange) Most all cars look kind of the same to me, so I am only interested in something really different, and although there’s been knock-offs of the Element, like the Soul, Cube etc .. they never came near to the Element. Unfortunately I was in an accident, by no fault of my own, in 2007 and it was totaled. I was heartbroken. It wasn’t even paid off. I wasn’t crazy about the 2008 Element. It seemed to be made chintzier than the original, and original models were no where to be found, or only in colors I hated. I looked at A LOT of other cars, but didn’t like anything. Fortunately, just in time, I saw there was ONE 2004 ORANGE one (YAY) for sale that was certified. I jumped on it and although it had a couple minor flaws, which I knew I could fix,it still was in great condition, but had 39,000 miles on it, they wouldn’t budge on the price, which I thought was a little high. But it WAS certified, and I felt like I was ‘home again’ when I test drove it. I STILL have that car today in 2021, a cream puff, 159,000 miles, and since I always take excellent care of my cars, it looks way BETTER than when I bought it in 2007, and looks like brand new when I really clean it up and polish it, which is often. Unfortunately, no matter what kind of shape a car is in, an older car just needs more attention and time to look really good than newer cars do (kind of like people) I was SO disappointed they were discontinued in ‘11. Now, I just found out of their return, and am excited to see the new design. I will never part with my 2004. I believe they will become a classic. Now,..about the seats and interior, I agree with you, it could be a bit more luxurious, although it was originally designed for adventure trips and very dog friendly. I still like the fact of not having to worry about carpet, or door materials, although I DID purchase the one piece OEM complete car rug mat, and ALSO bought the Honda rubber mats to keep the carpet mat clean. I also bought the original OEM neoprene Element grey and black front seat covers to protect the front seats, but LOVE them and look way better than the original seats anyway. I love the roominess of this car and actually lived in it for 4 days with no problem. There’s SO MANY seat configurations, and can be made to be like a van or like a more luxury car. I love the high headroom, and large comfortable wider and lengthy seats. I find that COMFORT, as well as design, is getting more important to me at 65 years old. As far as luxury for me, it’s all according what it is. I WOULD like to see more of brighter and scattered interior lighting, and a different color dashboard light other than white in the new ones. Also, a dashboard with little more detail. I also would like to have a sliding sunroof, which extends from back to front but has an automatic sliding ceiling to cover it, very much needed in the southern states when the sun will eventually ruin you interior. I put sunshades on mine in summer. I also recently bought tire covers to protect my new tires from dry rot from the sun and made my own headlight covers when I recently installed new ones because of that ‘cloudy headlight’ that occurs from the sun as well, OR a faulty installation of a new bulb not properly sealed. Clear headlights can make your car look years younger. I just hope the new ones still have the dash space to hold and put things, which I love in a car. AND a higher bigger middle central console between the front seats. I had to buy my own, the factory one was a joke. And ONE more thing, the plastic vinyl body parts have GOT to go, like they did on the later models. But I do like the 2 tone look so if that part ever returns it should be made out of a more durable material, or just offer 2 tone metal. That plastic starts to look like crap after a couple years and the ONLY thing I have found to make them look good, besides an expensive complete new paint job by a body shop, is Turtle Wax trim restorer, (and I’ve tried them all) It works very good but it’s a long tedious process and only lasts a few months. Also I found that using window cleaner WITHOUT ammonia will stop the streaking of the plastic panels. Ok,,,that’s all I got for now, I got kind of carried away

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