2021 Honda Element: Rumors, Design

Honda continues to keep its crossover SUV range up-to-date and it also has electrification in the mind. The brand promised electrification of its entire light-duty range and it recently refreshed its best-selling models. Honda also recycled the Passport nameplate recently and it is now a Pilot-based, five-seater slotted between the larger Pilot and smaller CRV models in the brand’s range. However, rumors are circulating about the possible revival of another nameplate and we are speaking about the 2021 Honda Element. The Element has been reported for the reintroduction since its discontinuation in early 2011 but is it really coming?

2021 Honda Element: Is it really coming?

Honda Element continues to be a matter of speculation since its discontinuation and there have been rumors about its return for every model year since it left production lines. Speculations appaired again suggesting possible arrival of the 2021 Honda Element but we haven’t again seen any solid proof that supports these claims. The prototype model that could suggest a revival of the Element nameplate hasn’t also appeared on the roads so far. Neither Honda hinted possibility to introduce a new Element SUV.

So, with no prototype on the roads and without leaked details or hints from Honda, we don’t have anything solid that would support claims about the introduction of the 2021 Honda Element. The design of the previous Element seems also without good potential considering modern automobile standards. Honda recycled recently the Passport nameplate and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the new Honda Element in the coming model years but not in a similar form as the previous version and not for the 2021 model year.    

2021 Honda Element

2021 Honda Element: Design?

The compact-sized Honda Element debuted for the 2003 model year and has been on sale until 2011 without significant mechanical or visual changes. The introduction of the model preceded a presentation of the Model X concept vehicle deigned as an activity-oriented vehicle mixing characteristics of the pickup truck and SUV. The Honda Element offered a versatile and roomy cabin. The model provided also easy cargo loading and high flexibility with removable rear seats. An optional dog-friendly package was also an interesting feature of the model.

However, a brick-like shape, obtrusive wind noise, quirky styling, unimpressive acceleration and fuel economy were likely among the reasons for the model’s unsuccessful journey. Similar destiny experienced similarly styled Scion xB and Nissan Cube while the Kia Soul is one of the rare boxy-shaped models of that kind to be still on the roads. Honda effectively replaced the Element with a more conventionally-shaped Honda CR-V which proved much better on the market.   

The disputable reports suggest the return of the Element nameplate as the 2021 Honda Element version with the same silhouette but improved structural and performance features. The model should come on the brand’s upgraded platform and with Honda’s new design language attributes. The new Element should also come with a flexible cabin and cargo area.  The model should also use the brand’s newest tech and safety systems with premium comfort features available in upper grades as the reports claim.

2021 Honda Element: Performance?

The new 2021 Honda Element should use a 1.5-liter turbo-4 engine mixed with the continuously variable transmission in one application. Unconfirmed reports claim also that a hybrid version should also be available combining a 1.5-liter engine with an electric setup similar to the Honda Insight. The model should appear with both two- and all-wheel drive as unconfirmed reports suggest.

2021 Honda Element

2021 Honda Element: Price, Conclusion

As per rumors circulating, the questionable 2021 Honda Element should appear by the end of the year and go on sale prized from low-$20,000. However, without any solid evidence including also a lack the prototype version on the roads so far, the arrival of the 2021 Elements seems just as another round of speculations.

As for the Element nameplate, Honda might use it for the all-new model in the coming years but the new versions would likely have a little in common with the previous Element. A more likely scenario is to use the Element nameplate for the new model with more conventical shape and design and possibly as the all-electric version. In any case, the Element-badged model shouldn’t appear any time soon as we would already have some indications or leaked details at disposal.       

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