2022 Volvo XC100 to Become Flagship SUV

The most recent rumors are for the brand-new 2022 Volvo XC100. The next flagship product from the Swedish brand will crown the company’s SUV range. According to the latest news, a new platform is also the biggest Volvo architecture to date. As a result, the upcoming XC100 SUV will be bigger than the XC90, currently the largest model.

The new SUV will compete directly with the Mercedes GLS and the BMW X7. We currently know the vehicle’s dimensions and a few other data. However, the platform is relatively new, so it is difficult to predict engine choices. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming Volvo XC100 SUV.

2022 Volvo XC100 interior

2022 XC100 is Larger Than XC90

The forthcoming 2022 Volvo XC100 will be built on a new architecture. It is a brand-new SPA2 platform. The current Volvo XC90 is riding on a smaller SPA platform, which means the XC100 will be a larger SUV Simply, the SPA platform isn’t able to accommodate such a larger vehicle. As a result, new SPA2 architecture has been created. According to Volvo, the new platform can underpin vehicles up to 216 inches long. Knowing this, the Volvo XC100 would be longer than competitors like the BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS. These two models are 203.3 and 205.0 inches long, respectively.

According to reports, the latest XC100 will be 216.7 inches long, 11.8 inches longer than the XC90. Longer proportions could theoretically deliver more legroom on the inside. All, however, is dependent on the cabin layout. Volvo has assigned the internal designation V616 to the current model. The first number indicates that this is the largest model in Volvo’s lineup. The number “1” indicates that this is the first-generation edition. Finally, the second “6” stands for an SUV body type.

2022 Volvo XC100 release date

Engine Options

Nobody knows how strong the 2022 Volvo XC100 will be once it arrives. However, we anticipate a few powertrain choices. Engine options could include diesel, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric variants. The electric edition would bear Volvo’s Recharge moniker, which was first used on the XC40 series. The new SPA2 design should also serve as the foundation for Polestar’s new all-electric SUV.

We are also waiting for official information from the Swedish manufacturer. Regardless of the powertrain, the XC100 SUV will undoubtedly offer outstanding results. Furthermore, Volvo offers exceptional figures with long electric driving ranges. Without a doubt, the next flagship model will lead Volvo’s SUV lineup, and we can’t wait to see the final product.

2022 Volvo XC100 electric

2022 Volvo XC100 Price and Release Date

Brand’s latest flagship SUV should be available in the world’s most important markets, including China and the United States. The upcoming 2022 Volvo XC100 will also go on sale in Europe in 2022. According to the latest news, versions of more expensive engines would almost certainly cost around $100,000. Volvo has also announced that the latest 40-series will be introduced next year.

Those models will be hybrid, as Volvo intends to electrify more than half of its cars within the next few years. The XC100 SUV will most likely go on sale in the first quarter of 2022. This mode is yet to be unveiled and made official by the Swedish famous automotive brand.

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