2024 Range Rover Sport Electric Coming Later Next Year

The upcoming 2024 Range Rover Sport Electric is on the way. The brand-new Range Rover Sport, the newest model in Land Rover’s portfolio, was unveiled. The mid-size SUV is a cult favorite among fans of the brand since it excels on city streets rather than off-road. However, because it is a Range Rover, its cutting-edge AWD system allows it to travel off-road if necessary.

But the biggest news is that, in addition to a mild hybrid, plug-hybrid, and conventional V8 powertrain options, the new Range Rover will also be offered in an all-electric model starting in 2024. As the brand works toward its goal of having six EVs available for purchase by 2026, Range Rover Sport will join its larger sibling Range Rover in delivering a fully electric version.

More Modern Design

The 2024 Range Rover Sport Electric looks great. Although it has a rather blocky appearance, it is nevertheless ergonomic and aerodynamic. As a result, it has a greater range and excellent handling. The SUV’s 19-inch wheel rims are quite impressive. It no longer has the front mesh and has a large fascia with narrow linear headlamps.

The bumpers are less noticeable than before and go nicely with the style. Since the platform is new, Range Rover Sport could see small dimensional changes. On the other hand, we don’t know if this SUV will arrive with bigger or smaller proportions.

2024 Range Rover Sport Electric price

Interior Refreshments

On the inside, this premium SUV will continue with the improvements. The 2024 Range Rover Sport Electric will gain a more futuristic look. Moreover, new seats are on the way, offering more cushioning. New upholstery is also an option, while the standard 13-inch touchscreen will remain. On the other hand, the optional display could be brand-new and larger than it is currently.

Updated infotainment is a must and this model will also receive more safety features. As with any other EV, this one will also introduce smart storage spaces. The all-digital dashboard is another improvement. We don’t know if the hands-free driving system will come as standard or if it will be optional. In any case, the interior will see lots of improvements.

2024 R2024 Range Rover Sport Electric interiorange Rover Sport Electric interior

Range Rover Sport Electric Driving Range and Charging

As we said, the 2024 Range Rover Sport Electric will sit on a new platform. This new architecture allows both electric and internal combustion engines. This means the upcoming Range Rover Sport can be had in traditional and fully electric variants. On top of that, the manufacturer also offers mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.

This means the lineup will be complete once the all-electric version arrives. Unfortunately, we don’t know that much about the future EV and its specs. The goal is to provide up to 400 miles of driving range on a single charge. Furthermore, the all-electric Range Rover Sport will deliver more power than other variants on the roster.

2024 Range Rover Sport Electric charging

2024 Range Rover Sport Electric Release Date, Price

The price of the base model starts at around $80,000 or slightly above that. As for the 2024 Range Rover Sport Electric, this version will cost over $100,000. However, exact pricing is not available yet. The release date is another mystery. While this electric SUV should arrive later in 2023, the global chip shortage could force the carmaker to reschedule the official launch date for early 2024.

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